MESB 9-1-1 Standards

The MESB develops operational and technical standards for the metro area 9-1-1 system to ensure every citizen or visitor to the Twin Cities receives the same high standard of service during a 9-1-1 call, regardless of what type of technology a 9-1-1 caller uses.  Current MESB 9-1-1 standards are listed below.  This page will be updated as new standards are developed and approved.

Operational Standards
Metro 9-1-1 Standard 1.11.3 – Minimum Training Standard, Emergency Communications Professional – Updated 7/12/23

Metro Standard 3.6.0 – SMS Text to 9-1-1

Technical Standards
MESB 9-1-1 Database Standards August 2001

MESB 9-1-1 Network Service Standards March 2005

MESB 2022-2024 Interoperable Emergency Communications Strategic Plan (IECSP)